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Pole Barn Articles

Pole Barn Inspections that may be Required

Pole Barn Inspections that may be Required

Most local building departments and jurisdictional agencies will inspect the construction process of your pole barn. Below are some inspections and requirements that most jurisdictions will oversee:

  1. Plans and building permits must be on-site and readily available at all times.

  2. Setback and Hole Inspection: After holes are dug but prior to concrete being poured.

  3. Framing Inspection: Requested after the building is up and before insulation or interior coverings are installed. May also be final if no other work is being done.

  4. Final Inspection: Requested after all work is completed such as: insulation, concrete slab, electrical, plumbing, heating, and/or sheetrock (or other items as required).

  5. Additional inspections may be required by local jurisdictions to insure that the building is safe for its intended use.      ^ top

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